Qi Constantinidis pre/post training dataset

The Qi-Constantinidis pre and post training dataset was collected by Xue-Lian Qi in Christos Constantinidis lab. The data consists of single unit recordings from the prefrontal cortex (PFC) while monkeys passively viewed images (in a feature and spatial configurations), and also after monkey were trained to engaged in a delayed match-to-sample task with these images.

If you plan to use this data you must cite the publications below. More information about the experiments and data analyses can be found in these papers as well.

Meyers E, Qi XL, Constantinidis C (2012). Incorporation of new information into prefrontal cortical activity after learning working memory tasks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109:4651-4656.

Qi X-L, Meyer T, Stanford TR, Constantinidis C (2011). Changes in prefrontal neuronal activity after learning to perform a spatial working memory task. Cereb Cortex 21:2722-2732

Download Qi-Constantinidis pre/post training data