Tools are useful functions and objects that help with setting up decoding analyses and plot results. The Neural Decoding Toolbox comes with the following tools:

  1. create_binned_data_from_raster_data

    A function takes the name of a directory that contains files in raster-format and creates data that is in binned-format from these files.

  2. find_sites_with_k_label_repetitions

    A function takes in labels in binned-format, and an integer k, and returns the indices for all sites (e.g. neurons) that have at least k repetitions of each experimental condition.

  3. log_code_object

    A helper object saves information about the exact code that was run so that one has a record of how particular results were generated.

  4. create_pvalues_from_nulldist_files

  5. plot_standard_results_object

    This object plots DECODING_RESULTS files that were created by running the standard_resample_CV.run_cv_decoding method, as a function of time.

  6. plot_standard_results_TCT_object

    This object allows one to display the results for training and testing at different time points in the experiment, i.e., temporal cross-training (TCT) results, for results that were created using the standard_resample_CV.run_cv_decoding method.